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Poster: Dan L. Date: Jan 22, 2009 1:40pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 'A Date With Your Family' is historically worthless

I hadn't checked my post for a while - wow, quite the debate...

That's what IA is great at, and why I think this movie is so great - it makes you wonder and think about that era.

After speaking to many older people about their upbringing (which I do in my day job, by night I put on a cape and stop crime with my superpowers given to me by a nuclear accident - just checking to see if you;re listening), I really think it was fairly dysfuctional and scarred SOME (not all); understanding of psychiatry and child development was new (It certainly wasn;t Leave it to Beaver), people lived in fear of Polio, nukes (see Duck and Cover!), gay people lived lives hidden and were beaten if discovered, suspected commies were rounded up and called out (McCarthyism)

Now I know we can't judge all in that era by the actions of some, nor can we judge it by today's standards - but I think that all is not as it seemed and the 50s were probably over glorified.

It was a simpler time - but as others have said, it was a great generation if you were white and in that glorious majority.

So once again I must disagree - this film is NOT historically worthless. Just look at all the discussion it's stimulated!

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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Jan 22, 2009 2:32pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 'A Date With Your Family' is historically worthless

Discussion is not welcomed by all. Some people want to forget and pretend or condemn and harp. We should ideally find a middle ground. Yes there was bad stuff in the 1950's and the music was god awful, no offense to the religious, but look at the state of the nation as a whole compared to today. Throw out the bathwater not the baby. Tale the good and learn from the bad.

The laws that were passed to protect the workers, women, minorities and others have addressed those ills. Decontructiing whiteness, demoralizing the youth and descecrating the family don't do any good for sure. Two wrongs still don't make a right. Love thine enemy doesn't mean let them slit your throat.

I lived in the north so we were a bit ahead of the curve on water fountains and stuff. I believe the concessions of jackson that stopped reconstruction set us back 100 years but that was 100 years ago so we should be caught up no? I mean we elected a black (well half anyway) president who ran against a female vice president. You'd think we'd get some credit. But instead we have prayers exalting some races and asking others to do what is right. That's not right.

The simple fact he even got nominated should have vindicated us and proven we have moved beyond race. It's not that simple though, some people still profit from the existence of racism and green trumps all colors. Once we put the race baiters out of busines we can all evolve. Just work hard and stop trying to take my guns, I might need them someday.